A prayer of worship for our Creator

Oh God our Creator, when we look at the world you have created and it’s place in our universe we know we cannot hope to comprehend you.Our astronomers tell us how vast and timeless is our universe and we glimpse eternity. Our biologists tells us how infinitely varied is our plant life in colour and shape and texture and we glimpse the infinite variety of your mind. Our zoologists tell us how curious, how intricate, how delicate is our animal life and we glimpse your humour, your intelligence, your diversity. Our scientists tell us how balanced, how efficient, how orderly our world is and we glimpse your consistency and symmetry. Through our artists, and poets and writers we glimpse your creativity. And through the teaching of Jesus we glimpse your overwhelming love for us. And so we stand in awe of you, struggling to understand the unfathomable, the immeasurable, the profound, the all-loving.

Yet we are made in your image, incomplete and misshapen without you, and thus we come to worship you. AMEN