A prayer for those who journey with us

Oh God who journeys with us, we are conscious that we do not travel alone and so we pause for a moment to remember others.

We remember those who were imprisoned, suffered pain and even death that we might live out our faith in freedom.

We remember those who have explored and shared thought-provoking ideas through fiction and poetry, dance and theatre, art and music and who continue to challenge us through film and television and the internet.

We are grateful for our fellow Christians who journey beside us, who have shaped our opinions, provided us with information for sound judgement, argued with us and opened our intellect and imagination to new thoughts, new ways of seeing and doing.

We remember those whom we love, many struggling against social forces and the pervading culture, left to drift with the tide of public opinion, easily persuaded by the cynicism of the media. Those whose inner light has never been nourished, who seem to be stuck in a groove and lack any sense of onward journeying.

We remember those for whom life is hard, full of pain and emptiness and disappointment. Those who are coping with broken relationships, who cannot find satisfying and rewarding work, who have only money enough to maintain them and not to live fully, who have never had or have wasted the opportunities to gain new skills and exult in their abilities.

We remember those who are reaching the end of their journey, routinely living each day as it comes, conscious that life is ebbing away and fearful of the next stage.

We bring all these before you, known and unknown, confident that you will encircle them with love, ready to take their hand and lead them onwards whenever they ask. And may we also be quick to do the same.