A prayer for Sunday worship

Oh God, we are conscious that millions of people of faith have set aside some time today to worship you, and we are privileged to be counted among them. We are conscious, too, that for thousands of years, people of faith have take time out to worship you, and we are honoured to be counted among them. And so we come with gladsome minds, to acknowledge that our lives are shaped and enriched, are given meaning and purpose, through your presence in the world. We thank you for the life and teaching of Jesus which continues to guide our ethical understanding and decision-making. We thank you for the company of fellow Christians who encourage and inspire us. And we thank for those moments of certainty, despite the haziness and ambiguity of our beliefs, when we know that all things are indeed working together for good. You are the focus of our being, giving our insignificant lives significance and we gratefully come to worship you. Make us conscious of your presence among us tonight – illuminating, encouraging, guiding. Amen.