A prayer for forgiveness for despoiling the earth

Oh God, whose love laid the foundations of our world, we confess that we have spoiled your Paradise and that others are often left to suffer the consequences. We are not evil people, but we are trivial; we do not do wrong intentionally but we are thoughtless; we do not mean to ignore the needs of others but we are self-centred. And now we are sorry about all those of whom we are nightly conscious, who continue to suffer through human hatred, corruption and greed.

We remember in your presence those who are abused because we have not spoken out on their behalf; those who are exploited because we want things on the cheap; those who feel unwelcome because they are different; those who suffer evil because it doesn’t affect us.

Give us the imagination to suffer as they suffer and help us to respond with generosity of mind and money as if they suffered on our doorstep. And make us ever mindful that your will is not done until we make it so. Amen.