Were you up for this?

Were you up for it in Jan’ry on that blustery wind-swept day
When we slogged our way up Conic in a stormy, force-ten gale;
With our anoraks and trousers and our hats in disarray
And our toes and ears and noses turned a whiter shade of pale?
Oh the aching bones and muscles and the anguish of despair
As we staggered to The Oak Tree. Were you there?

When the sodden May-buds nodded in the car park of The Crook
And we gulped our coffee swiftly while the mugs refilled with rain;
Do you doubtfully remember the uncertain path we took
Across the rainswept hill to join the railway route again?
As we clumped around the farmer in the damp and chilly air
To learn about the lambing, were you there?

Did you disembark in August with your heavy boots and heart
As we stood on Rannoch Moor among the midges and the mire;
And clad in rain-proofed rainwear sadly saw the bus depart
And dolefully and woefully watched the elements conspire
With bog and swamp and sludge and muck and puddles everywhere
On the path to Bridge of Orchy. Were you there?

Did you stride along the pavement on that day beside the sea
With the glistening flags reflecting all the lights around the bay;
As we passed the Shutters Green where we looked forward to our tea
Did you contemplate the clamber to the Knock with grim dismay?
Did you marvel at the stunning scene with every prospect fair
Beneath the darkening shadows. Were you there?

And following a reccé when a warm and vibrant sun
Flamed out across an azure sky to make the bracken glow;
Did you turn up sharp at Muirshiel just anticipating fun
To find a thoughtful Met had organised a day of sleet and snow?
And as the rescue trucks raced up across the hillside bare
To resuscitate the stranded. Were you there?

But oh you lazy lie-ins who turn over with the clock
And snuggle down within the cosy comfort of your bed
And from your sleepy viewpoint peep out sheepishly to mock
Your comrades as they boldly go where angels fear to tread.
You will never know the passion and the pride beyond compare
As we shout with Bold King Harry – I was there!