Seamlessly Joined

It all began in August when we whirled around the Earn!
Starting from the Centre, we climbed the woodland track
Across Knock Mary, past the loch and into Drummond Park,
And took the path near Muthill to bring us smoothly back.
‘Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ said Ann!

There were myriad twists and turns when we wandered down in Ayr,
Along the prom, across the Doon, past Burns and all his stuff;
Then through Belleisle and Rozelle and a sunset by the sea,
Considering that, all-in-all, ten miles was quite enough!
‘Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ said Ann!

We travelled East in April to hike along the Forth,
A castle and a pebbled beach, a photogenic bridge;
We turned inland at Hopetoun, calling in at Abercorn,
To head for home at Midhope, along a tree-lined ridge.
‘Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ said Ann!

By showery November we thought most had got the hang
of following the heels in front to circle round the Clyde;
But losing four, we sent two more and two to look for them!
Meeting up at Stonebyres bridge along the riverside!
‘Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ said Ann!

And in blustery December we set off along the shore
Blowing through Ardgowan and bravely up Daff Glen
We slid and slipped above the Kip across the fallen trees,
And battled through the mud and glaur to reach the cars again.
‘Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ said Ann!

The fact is we’re a diverse bunch with many a different sort:
There’s young and old and tall and wide and some are even fit!
Some walk alone while others chat, some sprint while others plod,
And some have two legs, some have three and some prefer to sit!
And some are sad while others laugh, some sing while others ache,
And those who can, will give to those who have the grace to take:
‘We’re Cobbled Together’ said Glenda; ‘Seamlessly Joined’ says God!