Leaning on a walking stick

He leant upon his staff, the preacher said, and worshipped God.
The patriarch, Old Jacob, his end-time come at last,
Acknowledging that God is good and surely to be thanked,
A double blessing, being blessed and in the blessing, blessed.

Indeed, thrice blessed, for was he not encircling his sons,
Thus burgeoning the blessing among those he knew and loved?
Envisioning a future built securely on the past,
Prospecting that same constant path which he himself had trod?

And why and wherefore would old Jacob bless his God; be moved
To thanks? Because he saw the mountains, curling round, caress
The wide sky curved above; the brindled cattle stand embanked
By waters still; the spinning lilies set the fields ablaze;

Because, with rod in hand, he did not want, though death itself
Bade him to lie in pastures green and rest, his lot suffice;
Because his God had walked and talked with him and shared his days,
Led him with honour through the world and all the ways of men.

And thus would we too pause and lean upon our walking sticks,
Akin with Jacob, with just cause, to worship God again;
Among the everlasting hills, our feet securely fixed,
Acknowledging that God is good and surely to be praised.