A new pair of boots at your age?

I abandoned my boots at Barmouth!
Well, I’d bought them for Hadrian’s wall;
And they’d seen me walk with Coleridge,
Through Dorset and Devon an’ all;
Along the river from Ilkely,
Across the Pennines at Dent,
And up and down like Everest
With thousands of feet of ascent.

My rucksack was dumped in New Street
(A tip-off you’ll have to agree!)
As we walked through Aberystwyth
And down to the infinite sea.
It had carried my waterproof trousers,
A bookshelf of maps and guides,
A medicine chest for disaster
And various utensils besides.

So, on Monday I went to Tiso’s
Aware, if you’ll pardon the pun,
Of being considerably over the hill,
On my last legs when all’s said and done!
But the path still winds through the uplands
As quiet as a whispered prayer;
And I’ve got me a map of heaven,
And a signpost to lead me there!