Christmas Oak

Oh dear
The muse has flown!
The Christmas verse so kindly meant
has went!
Ma heid just birls and twirls and whirls,
I’ve nothing canny, shrewd or smart
Of Clinton Trumped or Brexit won
to impart;
And (just for now!)
I’m lost for words
and woebegone.

And all I have to send to you –
one crow and Santa owl
Tu-whit tu-whoo;
A goldfince thrice
and robins four
and bluetits too;
with a cat on a bough
in one accord.
A gilded metaphor.

But if you search,
A golden star
above them all shines bright.
So may it shine
this Christmas time
to bring the world aright;
and be the Maker of the tree


Christmas card designed by Jane Crowther 2015
Published by Bug Art Ltd, Nottingham, England
Used with permission