Out on the hills with God

To the tune ‘Kelvingrove’.

God, we thank you that you made
This world for us to share;
That together we explore
Your hills and glens so fair;
So we bring our grateful praise
As our spirits lift anew,
At the memory of days
Out on the hills with you.

For the curlew’s piping call
Above the moorland trail;
For the tumbling peaty falls
Along the primrose dale;
For the curl of louring clouds,
Melding with the distant view,
As the mountain tops unfold,
Out on the hills with you.

For the myriad stars at night,
The March hare’s darting chase;
For the soaring gull’s delight,
The dainty roe deer’s grace;
For the hoar frost on the web,
And for flowers of every hue
Hidden deep among the rocks
Out on the hills with you.

For the laughter of our friends
To shorten every mile;
For the ghillie’s guiding word
The shepherd’s ‘welcome’ smile.
For the step across the burn,
And the hand to pull us through;
For the circle of concern
Out on the hills with you.

As we wander through your world
At every turn we find
Your love and care unfurled,
The imprint of your mind;
As the years roll sweetly by,
Still enticed by pastures new,
We will gladly walk for aye
Out on the hills with you.