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Let us run the race before us

A hymn for the Commonwealth Games

Sung to the tune: Lewis Folk Melody

Let us run the race before us
With a glad and grateful heart;
Grasping life in all its fullness,
Playing our distinctive part
In God’s universal purpose
For us all in every place:
Keen to be the best we can be,
Daily growing through God’s grace.

Let us run our race with courage,
Never shirking what is right;
Squarely facing up to duty,
Saying ‘yes’ with quick delight.
Meeting pain and hardship bravely,
Never skirting round a test;
Seeking that which makes us stronger,
Promising to do our best.

Let us run our race with laughter
Cheerfully embracing change;
Welcoming the unexpected,
Relishing the odd and strange.
Savouring the complications,
Undeterred by nameless threats,
Venturing beyond the margins,
Never burdened by regrets.

Let us run our race with others,
Sharing expertise and skill;
Keeping pace with those beside us,
Hand-in-hand through good and ill;
Not comparing nor competing,
Glad when others take the lead;
Passing on the baton deftly,
So that all who run succeed.

Let us run as Jesus taught us,
Through his life in word and deed;
Learning, loving and forgiving,
Serving all who are in need.
Knowing he will triumph with us;
Trusting that the race is won;
Hearing, as we reach our ending,
His applauding words ‘Well done’!